About Kalol

Kalol is one of the major cities in the state of Gujarat. Situated in Gandhinagar district, Kalol is also capital city of the district. It is being constructed to become one of the major industrial areas in the state. Furthermore the city joins the three most important districts that run Gujarat’s economy – Ahmedabad, Gandhinagar and Mehsana.

There are many temples inside the city owing to majority of Hindu population in the city. However, the city also adheres to the Indian constituency and also accommodates mosques, gurdwaras and churches in different parts of the city.

Tourism in Kalol

Being an industrial city, Kalol does not attract many tourists. It has limited number of places to visit. The villages of Adalaj and Thol provide two tourist attractions. Tourists may also visit different temples situated in the city since they provide a good picture of the culture and architecture preferred by Hindus.

Temple Dome

There are many tourist spots in nearby cities and villages. Tourists can stop at Kalol and make plans to visit these places by hiring cars or booking buses from numerous tourist guides in Kalol. Gujarat State buses connect the city well with other major tourist attractions nearby. Read More...........

Geography and Climate of Kalol

Situated on the banks of Sabarmati River, the city has an important position in terms of geography. It falls in between the major cities of Gujarat state. The city is situated at a height of 266 feet from sea level.

Kalol is divided into three parts
  • East Kalol
  • Central Kalol
  • West Kalol

While the Eastern part of the city has been built for industries, the central and Western parts are designed for residential area.


Being a part of the Monsoon climate of India, Kalol witnesses three major seasons in a year – Summer, Monsoon and Winter. Summers are very hot and dry. Monsoons are seen from the month of June to September. Winters are also dry but not very chilly. Temperature scores down to a minimum of 14 degree celcius. Read More...........

Transportation in Kalol

Since Kalol is situated at an important junction between major cities of Gujarat, the city has been linked with all kind of transportation.


Kalol is one of the important stations in the main line from Ahmedabad. Railway connects Kalol to different cities of India which includes New Delhi, Jaipur and Madwar.


The nearest airport from Kalol is Sardar Ballavbhai Patel international airport. It is situated in Ahmedabad which is 30 kms from the city limits.


Public transport like buses and auto rickshaws are available in abundance for travelling through the city. NH8A connects the city to Surat and Mumbai while NH8C connects it to New Delhi and Chandigarh. GSRTC buses are available from Kalol for travelling on road to different cities. Read More........

Economy of Kalol

Being a part of the industrial revolution in Gujarat, Kalol also mines its economy from the major industries set up in different parts of the city. Kalol East is totally dedicated to the establishment of new industries. With major companies situated here, Kalol has a good economic background. Read More.........

Industries in Kalol

The city of Kalol has been brought up to become one of the major industrial sectors in Gujarat. Important industries like Sintex and Bharat Vijay Mill are located in Kalol. Additionally the city has been provided a different level of elevation by Gujarat’s biggest project IFFCO. Companies like ONGC are also situated in the city.

Fact File of Kalol

Area: 0.72 Sq Km (Kalol INA)
Longitude: 23.2257°N
Latitude: 72.51679°E
Population: 1,12,013
Density: 660 per sq kilometer
Male: 59,380
Female: 52,746
Literacy Rate: 68%
Telephone code: 02764
Vehicle Registration: GJ 18

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