Business and Economy in Kalol

Gujarat as a state has developed in industrial area in the recent years. Ahmedabad, Gujarat’s former capital has emerged as one of the important economic and industrial hubs in India. Kalol is situated about 30 kilometers from Ahmedabad and has been planned to be developed as a major suburb to Ahmedabad. Certain major industries have already been set up in the city while some others are in the process of being placed.


Apart from all business opportunities available in Kalol, the Oil and Natural Gas Company also operates here. Drilling and extracting natural resources for the fuel consumption in country and outside the country, ONGC has set up one of its office in Saij in Kalol. Furthermore, recently ONGC has discovered another oil rig in Nadipur Low near Kalol.

Business Opportunities in Kalol

It is well known by now that Kalol is being developed for Industrial purposes. Hence it is a big opportunity to invest in land acquisition and setting up business for those who are interested. Kalol already features textile mills, rubber factories, plastic companies and dairies. Economical balance of the city is mainly maintained by the industries here. Residents of Kalol are mainly employed in one of the industries and companies.

The city also offers other modes of employment especially in hotels, restaurants and tours and travel business. However, contribution of other sectors is much less compared to industrial involvement.

Dairies in Kalol

One of the most developed industries in Gujarat is the dairy business. The white revolution in India has been possible due to the excessive milk and milk products produced in this state. Gujarat not only is self sufficient in production but it prides itself in exporting as well. Kalol being a part of this state is surely influenced and has three diaries inside the city.

Vijay Dairy
Address: Highway Road
Vardhaman Nagar
Kalol Gandhinagar
Pin Code -382721

Payal Dairy
Near Mota Ganara,
Highway Road,
Kalol Gandhinagar
Pin Code – 382721

Umiya Diary
Near Deva Darshan Society,
Gayatri Mandir Area,
Highway Road,
Kalol Gandhinagar
Pin Code - 382721

Textile and Mills in Kalol

Textile Industry

One of the most flourishing industries in India is that of textiles and cotton mills. Gujarat also contributes a huge part in developing the clothing sector in business. Kalol has been provided with some textile mills. The most famous of them is Bharat Vijay Mills. It is a textile division of Sintex Industries. They manufacture yarn dyed shirting, jacquard & Dobby Structures, corduroys, bottomweights, solid dyed, Poplins and Dobby Shirting with varieties of weaves, varieties of jacquard, dobby and leno structured furnishing fabrics, organic cotton certified by union control, linen, cotton with linen, silk, lycra, nylon, tinsel and viscose and surface coating with pigment colors.

The other important textile industry in Kalol:

Ambica Textile Industry
Address: K-1/24/5,
Pin Code – 382721

Farmer and Fertilizers Industry in Kalol

The requirement of farming varies from crop to crop, but the most important product that ensures successful farming is fertilizers. Earlier India was not self sufficient in producing fertilizers for its farmers. But with initiative of the government Indian Farmers Fertilizers Cooperative Limited or IFFCO was established. It was created to cater the requirements of farmers who earlier used to depend on private companies and other sources for the supply of fertilizers. IFFCO is a multi-unit and is comprised of thousands of co-operative societies in India.

Kalol is blessed to have the office of IFFCO in its city. This unique measure has provided a different meaning to the city and its residents.

Plastic Industry in Kalol

Sintex Industries is located in Kalol. Sintex is the largest producer of plastic tanks, not only in India but in Asia. Sintex supplies water tanks to Europe and America and has business throughout the world.

Plastic Products

Other plastic industries in Kalol produces plastic items like pet bottles, jars, containers, raw plastic and plastic machinery.

Other Industries in Kalol

Kalol mainly provides space for the above mentioned industries. However, there are other factories that manufacture equipments required in these industries. These equipments are particularly produced to cater the need of machineries in industries and comprises of iron produces, tin products and copper plating.  Pistons, u-bolts, fasteners are some of the basic things that are required to set up factories and keep it running smoothly.

Since there is an Oil rig nearby, many factories produce the products that are required in the oil and gas company. Products like filter, oil and gas screens, water screens, and hydraulic drilling rigs are some of the major products of these industries.

Heavy Metals and Tubes Ltd. has three manufacturing units on Chhatral Road in Kalol. They have different units that produce stainless steel tubes and pipes, carbon and alloy steel tubes and pipes, and hot finished carbon and alloy tubes and pipes.

Address: 101, Bileshwarpura,
Chhatral ,
Tal: Kalol ,
Dist: Gandhinagar,
Phone Numbers :+ 91 - 2764 - 234 139 ,
+ 91 - 2764 - 234 140
+ 91 - 2764 - 234 141
Email :[email protected]

Address: 38, Bileshwarpura,
Chhatral ,
Tal: Kalol ,
Dist: Gandhinagar,
Phone Number :+ 91- 2764 - 234 206
 + 91- 2764 - 234 207
E-mail :[email protected]
Asahi Songwon Colors Ltd., one of the major pigment industries, is also set up in Kalol city of Gandhinagar providing ample opportunity for the residents of Kalol for employment and business.
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