Food in Kalol

Kalol is mainly occupied by Hindu Gujaratis who prefer vegetarian dishes. Gujarat has supply of sea fishes owing to the coastal position in the country. However, prevalent traditionalism and the mix of Jain culture had rendered the unique vegetarian preferences to the citizens.

Kalol also mainly serves vegetarian dishes in the restaurants and food joints. However, chicken and mutton dishes are also prepared in some of the restaurants that serve multi cuisine. Fast food joints also prepare non-veg dishes and eatables like chicken puffs and burgers.

Gujarati Thali

Kalol has many food joints that serve delicious food. Tourists visiting Kalol should taste Thalis served in Gujarati cuisine that typically consists of rice, different varieties of Indian bread, shaak (green leafy vegetables), vegetable dishes and dal. The specialty of Gujarati cuisine is that it prepares all dishes with a dash of jiggery or sugar that makes the dish sweet and salty.

The most charming fact about Gujarati food is that chaach (buttermilk) and pickle is always served with a Thali. One does not pay for this extra addition to the Thali. Like any other Gujarat city, Kalol also has sweet shops that sell flavored sweets and light snacks like Dhokla, Thepla, Fafda, and Khakra.

Breakfast in Kalol

Like any other Gujarati city Kalol also indulges in various kinds of breads in breakfast. These breads are made up of both wheat and gram flour. Both flours are mixed with a vegetable to make it tastier. These breads are known as Theplas in Gujarati. Methi Thepla is most preferred in breakfast.

Breakfast in Kalol

Breads are also made of millet, ragi and wheat flour and is very nutritious. Bhakhri is also very famous in all the cities of Gujarat. These are eaten only with pickle and curd. Bhakhris made very heavy breakfast and is preferred by most who take light lunch at office.

All restaurants in Kalol serve these special delicacies. Breakfast is served till mid-morning in most of the restaurants in Kalol.

Lunch in Kalol

Lunch in Kalol

The staple lunch in Kalol comprises of Rice, chapatti, shaak and dal. Gujaratis make different kinds of dal with a sweet tangy taste. Sometimes the dal comprises of different vegetables in it. A typical Thali in a restaurant in Kalol will contain dal, kadhi, two vegetable dishes, poori or chapatti, rice, salad, pickle and papad. Those who prefer non-veg dishes can order chicken dishes in appropriate restaurants. All restaurants in Kalol do not serve chicken or fish dishes.

Snacks in Kalol

Snacks in Kalol

There are many fast food joints in Kalol that prepare snacks like Samosa, kachori, handvo, khaman dhokla, dahi vada, chaat made of puffed rice, khakra, khichu and bhajiya. Some of these snacks are deep fried while some like dhokla are baked dishes. All of them are lip-smacking in taste and provides an everlasting impression on the eater.

Snack Gujarat

Dinner in Kalol

A typical tourist in Kalol will understand that though a lot has been eaten through the day, by the dinner time the stomach will want more. It is the light nature of all food prepared that provides ample opportunity for a good dinner as well. Dinner in Kalol may comprise of Khatta-Meetha Bhaat or Khichdi with daal and shaak.

Sweet Dish in Kalol

Do not miss the delicious sweet available in the restaurants as dessert. Gujarati sweets are very famous all over the world. Taste the Ghughra, Gud Papri, Son Papdi, Laapsi and Kaju Katri for best experience.

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