Shopping in Kalol

Kalol is a city where one part has been dedicated to industries and the other two parts of the land has been given to residents. The people of Kalol celebrate many festivals and are fond of handicraft items made by Gujarati communities. They like to decorate their houses with traditional artifacts as well.

Hence, the shopping centers available in this city not only provide the basic amenities and requirements but also some of the exclusive handmade products of Gujarat. While in Kalol it is recommended to go round the bazaars and local markets in the city to take away memoirs in cheaper rate than available in the malls.

Gujarati is the main language spoken in this part of the state. People can also interact in Hindi with most shopkeepers in the bazaars of Kalol. However, English may be difficult to comprehend in the local markets. Broken English is sometimes employed by shopkeepers to interact with customers.

What to Buy in Kalol

Market in Kalol

Festivals and traditional gatherings are incomplete without the traditional garb of Gujarat. Hence, the markets provide a lot of choices for traditional wear like sarees and ghagra-choli for women and dhoti-kurta for men.

The most popular saree in Gujarat is Patola saree. One must buy a Patola saree from the markets of Kalol since they keep variety of colors and designs here. Embroidered shoes and bandhni cloths are also the most sought product in Kalol markets.

One can also buy wall hangings and clothing for gods placed at home. These are very popular shopping items in Kalol. Furthermore, people also buy cloths to donate at the temples situated in Kalol.

Markets in Kalol

There are three major local markets in Kalol Gandhinagar as listed hereunder.

Ambica Shopping Center : A chain of shops comprise Ambica shopping center. From traditional wear to western wear and from handicrafts to gadgets all are available in this market. Ambaji Temple is very close to this shopping center.

Address: SH 41

Ambica Nagar
Kalol Gandhinagar
Pin Code – 382721

Panch Hatdi Bazaar: It literally means five shops in Gujarati. It is the oldest shopping place in Kalol city. The bazaar started with five important shops with basic amenities. However, now many other things including handmade embroidery works are available here for a collection of Gujarati crafts. The Shall market of Kalol is also close to Panch Hatdi Bazaar.

Address: Tower Road
Near Tower Chowk
Kalol Gandhinagar
Pin Code – 382721

Navjeevan Shopping Center: One of the most crowded shopping spots in Kalol. The shopping center offers handlooms and good clothing items for men women and kids. It is also termed as shopping mall in Kalol. However, it does not conceptualize the modern malls of A1 cities.

Shopping Mall

Address: Navjeevan Mill Complex
Talav Road
Kalol Gandhinagar
Pin Code - 382721
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