Transportation in Kalol

Travelling to any place in the world has been facilitated by the transportation system. In the wake of civilizations, men used to walk and pave roads for the followers. Today, with the modernization we have learnt to travel comfortably. Train tracks, roads and air routes are mapped to provide a safe journey to our destinations.

Transportation becomes a chief necessity for those places which connects major cities. In the case of Kalol, the same is applicable. Kalol provides the link between Ahmedabad and Gandhinagar, both of which are the lifelines of the state Gujarat. Situated at such a main junction, it was necessary to provide proper transportation system to the city.

Public Transport

State highways and National highways connect this city to other major cities in the state and country. However, the internal transportation system of the city is also quite developed. The city comprises of 71 villages and is divided into three parts. Residential area is covered in the central and western parts of the city while the residents travel to the eastern part for business and professional requirements. Hence public transport is also quite developed in Kalol.

How to Reach Kalol

The city is well connected with other major cities via air, rail and road. Tourists and travelers planning to visit Kalol may opt for any of the following options depending upon the budget.

Kalol by Air

Flight services

Kalol is connected to Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel International airport. The airport is situated at 30 kilometers from the city limit and can be reached in an hour by taxi or car. Domestic as well as international flights operate from this airport. Flights bound towards most cities are available here. International flights are both connecting and direct.

Kalol by Rail

Railway Station

Facility to travel in railway is also provided for tourists and citizens of Kalol. The railway line connecting Ahmadabad and Jaipur passes through Kalol. It falls under western railways in Ahmedabad-Mehsana line. The railways also connect to Marwad, Abu, New Delhi, Chandigarh and other northern cities. Important trains like Ranakpur Express, Aravalli Express, and Delhi Mail run through Kalol Junction station. Ahmadabad – Patan passenger also runs for local transportation.

Kalol by Road

National Highway 8A runs through the city. Many important cities of India is connected with Kalol through this highway. Surat, Mumbai and other western cities have been connected by NH 8A. Rajasthan and Punjab are connected with National Highway 8C. Ahmedabad is also connected with Kalol by NH 8C. Jaipur, Udaipur, New Delhi and Chandigarh are connected by National highway 8C. Mount Abu is easily accessible from Kalol through Mount Abu-Ambaji highway.

Local Transport in Kalol

Local transportation has been excessively facilitated in Kalol since people residing in the city require transportation to different destinations. The Gujarat State Road Transport Corporation or GSRTC has provided buses that ply from major cities of Gujarat to Kalol. There are two major bus stands in Kalol – City Bus Stand and Ambica Bus Stand. Buses starting journey from these stands are generally GSRTC buses. Private buses also ply the roads of Kalol. GSRTC also provides taxi service from its service stations for tourists.

CNG Auto Rickshaw

The most convenient transportation option in Kalol is availing CNG auto-rickshaws. Destinations within the city are well covered by these auto rickshaws. Autos can be booked or can be shared with other travelers.
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